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Savious Zero
Simply the best
Belgrade, MT
reply to Krisnatharok

Re: Meeting Monday: Pay to Win, Pay to Play, Pay to Look Good

said by Krisnatharok:

said by Savious Zero:

I think companies can make a lot more money off of the LoL model. I can imagine that people have spent more than $50-$60 on LoL, which is good for Riot.

Make that $500-600, easily, over the 12-18 months I played it. Why? Because you aren't forced to, and the illusion of freedom (or the temptation of perks) is a much more enticing game model than the forced subscription fee.

This is why companies want in on this model. Even Blizzard's $15/mo only makes $180 in the same time period.

Depending, server, race, faction etc changes are also available.
"This thread has more subs than the actual game." Phantasee, in reference to SWTOR