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Indianapolis, IN
reply to Jobbie

Re: Meeting Monday: Pay to Win, Pay to Play, Pay to Look Good

said by Jobbie:

said by Dissembled:

said by Krisnatharok:

$500-600, easily, over the 12-18 months I played it.

Holy shit dude.

Don't ask Tigerlord or myself. Please don't.

It just amazes me, that's all. I get there's people out there doing this kind of thing,

Simply the best
Belgrade, MT
At best, its ~$28 bucks a month, at worst its $50. That’s really not a lot if you get your spending around 30-50 hours a month on the game, your looking at $1 an hour of entertainment, max. I mean, I spend like $40 just going to a movie with my wife.

I guess it depends on your financial situation, but I wouldn’t feel bad if I was in Kris’s situation.

If you want to be surprised, look at my Magic Online expenses. This weekend I think I dropped around $150 on it in 2 days. Ive probably spent at least $5,000 on it since I started playing, too.
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