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Belleville, ON

Router Replacement

Well its about time I replaced my router, nothing wrong with my current one (EnGenius ESR9850) just doesn't have a few features I'd like to have.

I've fallen very much out of the loop as far as routers go, so a nudge in the right direction would be appreciated

I was looking at getting the MikroTik RB951G-2HnD as it fit hardware requirements, and RouterOS like it could handle the software requirements (not sure though)

Hardware needs are basic:
Wall mountable, Gigabit LAN & WAN, 802.11 g/n, low power (aka no pc's ), ~$100 (the MikroTik is $80)

Other then the basics that seem to be on all routers;

WAN usage logs, I'm looking for both total usage for the month, and time of day usage. (currently I only get 1min worth )

To avoid overage charges I want to throttle my connection during peek times. Though I can currently do so with an adjustment to my QoS settings I can not set it up to a schedule so it either always throttled or not at all.

I have a NAS that I want to completely cut off from the WAN without effecting LAN access to it (might be able to do that now but couldn't get it to work correctly)

The EnGenius allows for multiple SSID's each has its own "Connection Control Policy" I've found this handy and hope is on my next router


The hardware is easily met with anything on the market today -- personally, I'd start your search at smallnetbuilder.com
and see what's on the market these days and fits with your hardware and price requirements.

Software-wise is alittle harder -- almost guarenteed stock firmware will NOT have long term WAN usage logs,
QOS scheduling, and WAN/LAN isolation as you're describing. Your best bet is to start researching into alt
firmwares like DDWRT, tomato, etc. for that level of functionality. I do not personally use any of these firmwares
so I don't have a specific recommendation for you.

One or two pieces of kit out there will do multiple (isolated) SSIDs, but to varying degrees of functionality.
Again, looking into alt firmwares may be your best bet to maximize your functionality.

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