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Sevierville, TN

Help Tuning in Mifi

I purchased a 4620LE from Millenicom intending to drop my HomeFusion at the end of the month.

I expected the speeds to be about the same with both units since I have a 700-2700 MHz Yagi antenna connected to the Mifi and have previously used that antenna with a Verizon 4620L and had very good results.

Surprisingly, the Speedtest.net results are not very close. The HomeFusion has these results:

»speedtest.net/result/2633666704. ··· 6704.png

»speedtest.net/result/2633665135. ··· 5135.png

with these settings:

Signal Strength:
RSRP: -96 SNR: 11 dB
RSRQ: -22

The Mifi has these results:

»speedtest.net/result/2633663410. ··· 3410.png

»speedtest.net/result/2633661753. ··· 1753.png

with these settings:

RSSI LTE rsrp=-96 dBm, sinr=6 dB

I should mention that the Yagi is connected to the Mifi with 30' of LMR 400 cable and the appropriate connectors and adapter. I have pointed the antenna in various directions and elevations and this seems to be he best Signal Strength values I can get.

The Cantenna and Yagi are withing 20' of each other.

There is only one Verizon tower in the area and that is 3.8 mi from my home which is located in a wooded area. The tower is at a 2350 ft and I am at 1350 ft.

I was expecting the results to be much closer and really I thought that I would get a significantly better result with the Mifi and Yagi setup.

I would appreciate any insight into how I can improve my reception on the Mifi.


Cobbs Creek, VA
·Metrocast Commun..
obvious that the SINR is lower due to using LMR400 and the accompanied attentuation that goes with it at 30ft. Getting that Yagi aimed spot-on to the tower is critical
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