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Olympia, WA

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[Qwest] CenturyLink Modem Issues (i.e. PowerCycling Itself)

So, we have the PK5000Z modem from Qwest/CenturyLink. Since we started having CenturyLink (About a year ago now) the modem likes to power cycle on its own. Some weeks it'll do it multiple times a day, other weeks it won't do it at all. I've talked to CenturyLink Chat online and they've told me the obvious, plug it into a surgeprotector, reboot, restore to factory defaults, hard reset. Done all of them multiple times and it still continues to power cycle. They have already replaced it once with a refurbished PK5000Z but that one still does it. Their solution to it, replace it again if it continues to do it. C'mon CenturyLink. Support is worthless.

I've also noticed that the Estimated Local Loop Length tends to change a few feet everytime it powercycles. It used to be below 6900 feet now it is at 6902 ft. The other day it was at 6908 ft. It has jumped all around the low 6900's. Isn't is supposed to stay the same all the time?
Not to mention for some reason they have us on G.DMT and not ADSL or ADSL2. Why would they use G.DMT over ADSL or ADSL2?

Then what blows me away is that with our great line stats, we can only get 1.5Mbps service. Shoudn't we be able to get more than that?

If anyone has any insights into what is going on please let me know. Thanks.

We live in the Olympia, WA area.



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I have had the same exact rebooting problem with the same model of modem (PK5000Z) in Tucson, AZ with the 1.5 Mb service, starting about 5 months after getting Century Link DSL. The modem reboots itself anywhere from 3-10 times a week, sometimes staying connected for as long as 5 days or as little as 2 hours. Modem stats are usually normal, although sometimes a large number of "far end FEC" errors (>200 per hour) precedes a reboot.

August 2012 and March 2013 have been the worst months so far, with the modem rebooting at least once per day. Sometimes plugging the modem into a different outlet seemingly helps, but mostly I just live with the annoyance. I plan to try a different modem when one becomes available, to see if the problem persists. I am curious to know if this sort of experience is typical of CL service or if it likely an issue with this model of modem (as some here have suggested).

Boise, ID
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Hi marckskl and Sportscaster. Sorry to hear about these troubles and lack of resolution. Typically behavior like this would lead our tech support agents to think the modem is bad and thus the subsequent replacement of the device. Without having too much detail it's hard to speculate what the cause is, but our team is more than willing to assist both of you with this issue. This experience is definitely not typical, nor what you should expect. Please send us your account information and helpful details like you've included in your post to us at We'll do all we can to help you out. Thanks.

Joey H
@CenturyLinkHelp Team


Winter Park, FL
hi: you may want to get your own router and replace the modem with a 660f1, just an option that you may want to consider..... good luck


Houston, TX
reply to marckskl
G.DMT is the ITU standard for the ADSL analog signal using Discrete Multi Tone.