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[hard drive] Hitachi HD noise?

Hi, I have a Hitachi ide 2.5, 7200rpm 40 gb. I use it for holding files and playing around with other operating systems. If the drive is running an O/S and is the only drive connected then I don't hear any noise, I should say that the comp is absolutely silent when running .
However if I am running my main O/S in this case Win7 64 bit ( Sata ) and have the Hitachi connected, every so often I hear the Hitachi giving off a whirring noise. Always the same length and sound.
NB. it is not a ticking noise.
I have run the Hitachi diag and it reports all is well.


Cookeville, TN
One possibility is that the Hitachi is spinning down, as in sleep mode, when it's not being used as the boot drive. You would then be hearing it spin back up when ever Windows gets around to polling it to verify it still exists or during an indexing session.


Thanks BlueMist. Much appreciated.

Ukiah, CA
reply to eddiebbb
I agree with BlueMist See Profile. By default, Windows 7 (I think Vista and XP do too) will spin down drives that have been idle for 20 minutes.

To change this, go to the Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Power Options. Click "Change plan settings" next to your selected power plan. Click "Change advanced power settings", expand the hard disk section, and either enter in a higher number, or 0 to disable it.