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Crossett, AR

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got moved to the new house... errors showing in statistics

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i do not remember having Any errors at my last location connecting to the same Dslam and i could go a month without unplugging the modem.
the below stats were after i got home. as i started using the internet the above picture show how quickly they went up.

ATM Cell Header Errors: 7
ATM Loss of Cell Delineation: 1
DSL Cumulative Errored Seconds: 26
DSL Corrected Blocks: 113
DSL Uncorrected Blocks: 29

modem stats
6mb dsl
DSL Line (Wire Pair): Line 1 (inner pair)
Protocol: G.DMT2+ Annex A
Downstream Rate: 7197 kbps
Upstream Rate: 752 kbps
Channel: Fast
Current Noise Margin: 17.0 dB (Downstream) 20.4 dB (Upstream)
Current Attenuation: 36.4 dB (Downstream) 21.1 dB (Upstream)
Current Output Power: 19.8 dBm (Downstream) -31.0 dBm (Upstream

at my old location i was on 12mb dsl but Really close to the Dslam within 500 yards. my attenuation there even with 12mb was only 12-14. i guess ive never been a good ways away from a dslam. are these errors normal for my noise /atten?


Crossett, AR
errors are sky rocketing basically 10x as many errors than 30 minutes ago.


Crossett, AR
i changed out the old phoneline i the house with some cat5e from the NID box straight to the jack. my signal strength went from 15 to 18 and my atten went from 38 to 36. and all the errors dropped signifigantly. im still seeing a 30-40 dsl correct blocks whatever that error means.

I Actually use Windstream
Orange Springs, FL
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Sounds like it worth a few calls if they will send out a tech to ring out your line. You should be close enough for 12, but if the copper is old, or has a tap, it could cause that. Your SNR and Atten are more like you should be pulling 10 or 12 meg.

Another possible cause is if you use all your bandwidth. If I turn off my QoS in my router, and do a long heavy download my modem resets.
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