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Question about exchanging boxes

I have a really old box and decided to see if I am eligible for an upgrade. I went through customer support and box exchange in my STB menu and it said I am eligible for a free upgrade of my box. I went through the steps, and when I finished, all it said was that I'd get an email when it ships. Is there anyway to make sure everything goes through OK, or do I just have to wait for that one email about shipping? I would think they would at least send some kind of conformation email initially, but maybe that's not how they do things. Anyway, how long do they usually take to ship out? It said that I have 30 days to return my old box without getting charged anymore rental fees. Just want to make sure it won't take longer to get to me than 30 days. Thanks for any info on this.


Merrick, NY
I never got a shipping email. I went through the upgrade process on a Saturday and had my new boxes arrive on Monday. It shouldn't take longer than 30 days, so you should be OK.

Carrollton, TX
reply to ChadH
just keep track of your bill - as soon as you hook up the new box they will disable your old one BUT they will bill you for 3 while you have them ... Nice scam ...


Long Beach, CA
reply to ChadH
Some found that when the swap was in process they could not change anything on their account because of the pending order. That would be a way to check to see if your request went through.