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Slate Hill, NY
reply to jca2050

Re: Twitch.tv Issues (Chime in!)

said by jca2050:

Draco: do you lag when you stream? I tried streaming QuakeLive and noticed 20-30 ping variance while streaming. I'm on 50/5 and have set stream bit rate ranging from 1,500 to 3,500 and get same latency variance even at 1,500 (less than 1/3rd upload B/W).

My bad, I didn't see you reply.

You can "lag" for many reasons. I can take some random pot-shots at recommending why though w/o deep investigation. What router do you use? Is your router doing QoS? Does it help if you enable (& adjust settings) or disable it?

If you're using OBS to broadcast, try using some of the (advanced) options to adjust how it's using bandwidth. Beware these two options can sometimes...
1.) do nothing.
2.) make your stream susceptible to more frame drops.
3.) actually help.

The two options I'm talking about are:
- Settings > Broadcast Settings > Minimize Network Impact
- Settings > Advanced > Automatic Low Latency Mode

First try enabling the first one. Then enable the second one if that doesn't have any effect while keeping the first checked off. Try different combinations of this and that should hopefully help latency a little. If it doesn't do a damn thing, then you need to investigate the router and maybe some other things that might be causing latency fluctuation.