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Portland, TN

Need new interent!

Hello! I am very desperate at this point. I have 2 people in my house that play online pc games ALOT! I moved not even thinking that AT&T or Comcast did not service this area they do across the highway. Anyway to make the story short it will cost them 10 grand to move it where I live. I bought Wildblue satellite internet. I knew it was going to be bad , but not this bad. Now I have found 2 wireless companys that run off sprint cell towers I believe. They are
"Zing! Broadband" and "Bluebroadband" . I was wondering if they would work for online pc gaming.


Kansas City, MO
Check out Millenicom they have a forum here as well »Millenicom

If we are talking sprint CDMA coverage, you should expect 180ms ping times under best conditions.... depending on how busy the towers are you can get good speeds (1.4meg or better down)... or if really loaded slow speeds (100k-400k)... really depends on your area.

check this page: »network.sprint.com/
That will show you recent upgrades in your area giving you some idea of how busy it is etc.


Gaffney, SC
reply to Chelsea22995
Verizon has LTE coverage in Portland, TN. Millenicom has a 3G/4G hotspot plan that uses the Verizon LTE network. It's $69.99 a month with a 20 GB data cap. That would probably be your best option. Sprint only has 3G in that area which isn't ideal for online gaming.