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Courtenay, BC

[Updated] SRWare Iron Browser..Ver.26.0.1450.0..Apr.9/13

Google Chrome web browser clone without the critical points that concern privacy.

Change log...

Main improvements:
- Bugfixes
- improved profile management
- improved spell checker
- performance improvements


Main drawbacks:
• menu becomes much higher due to bigger (and un-proportional to font size) vertical spacing between lines
• Iron starts making unsolicited connections to Google servers
• If you run Iron in single process mode and put a link (http://...) into target of shortcut you use to launch it, and then, when you run it, you try to open a new tab (Ctrl+Tab) - Iron crashes.

With regards to the first problem, there is a temporary fix. You have to add into your shortcut that you use to launch the Iron this command line option: --disable-new-menu-style. It will help you to return old menu back to normal... But it's not a good solution though:
1. There is no configuration option, that will make it permanent
2. That command line option doesn't work if you launch any other instance of Iron, except the first one
3. You have to change all shortcuts to include that command line option now, or you may accidentally brake the fix
4. What if you use Iron as your default browser and click on a link (let say in incoming mail or so). There is no place to put that option (unless you hack registry, I guess)

With regard to the second problem, I think it's serious one and must be fixed ASAP. I could expect that happening from Chromium, but certainly not from the Iron. Removing Google's tracking is the main reason why one runs Iron and not latest build of Chromium, or isn't it?

The last problems was recently introduced in latest Chromium code and not directly related to the Iron project. But still, it'd be better be fixed. No one likes crashes...

Keep it simple, it'll become complex by itself...

Iron has never crashed on me,since I started using it...........not even once.
Sarcasm is the body’s natural defense against stupidity.

Good to hear that. But I guess, that you have not tried to run it in a single process mode (as I've particularly mentioned it in my post)...

Iron crashes when two conditions are met:
1. it's launched in a single process mode
2. it's launched with URI in command line parameter

To launch Iron / Chromium in single process mode you have to specify command line option: -single-process. And you can specify URI in its command line as, e.g. www.dslreports.com/forums/fav.

Then, if you launch Iron, it will open BBR/fav page. You can browse the forum and post here. But if you try to open a new tab (Crtl+T) or click on Menu | About Iron option - Iron crashes.

Interestingly enough, if you launch Iron in single process mode (the same as above), but without specifying URI in its command line, it will not crash when you try to open a new tab... But now you can't make any post here. Try it if you want to know why...

As I've said in my first post, the problem initially come from Chromium code. It does the same thing.

Keep it simple, it'll become complex by itself...


reply to art22gg
menu spacing was changed due to people wanting more room when using touch screen monitors.
works good for that, but annoying on regular laptops.

Really??? The f**ing touch screen monitors idea strikes again? Who wants to punch his/her big nice screen monitor with their greasy, fatty fingers, spreading smudges and fingerprints everywhere around it? What a dumb idea, putting everything in development upside down' just because of that obsessional idea now.

At the beginning Chromium even removed title form its title bar (making it inconvenient - you don't see, e.g. thread title) just to save couple of pixels of vertical space. And now they push that huge waste of vertical space in menu??? What are they thinking? And what's next? Making tabs bigger to accommodate to fat finger too? Remove 'X' button as well as whole title bar to make it look and feel like an Android app (who needs to close it, right)? Or may be next step will be to add a ribbon, like in Office?

Is there a bit of common sense left in the development of Chromium these days? I start to feel, that a fork of its source code will be quite useful to restore some balance here...
Keep it simple, it'll become complex by itself...