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[Scam] Tentant Verified Scam

The property is a 3 bedroom 2.0 bath with garage and washer/dryer. Cats and dogs are allowed with a $100 cleaning fee.

Requirements to rent our property are as follows:

1. A copy of your drivers license

2. First months rent and optional pet fee

3. Lease Agreement, I'll bring it to the viewing

(Options are month to month, 6 month or a 1 year lease)

4. Background check for each applicant

The provider we use is Tenant Verified: link.

This is an easy way for me to screen applicants based on prior rental history and job history. If you have a felony or bad tenant history, I am flexible and I'll help you out.

Contact me when you've completed your background check. It is in a .pdf, you can print it and bring to the viewing or email it to me. I am looking for real tenants not window shoppers or tire kickers, I have 3 rentals and a full-time job.

What's the best contact number for you? Are you available tomorrow?

Enjoy your Thursday!

lorraine winchester

There's a reason I'm Command.
Washington, DC

This is a known scam that has been previously discussed. If that thread isn't locked, please continue it in there (and ask the mod to lock/remove this one).
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