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Jeffersonville, IN
reply to brianiscool

Re: Bad Plan

For you it may be a bad plan but for many others it is a good deal. I use less than 450 minutes, under 500 text and about 2G of data and pay $88 a month to Verizion after my company discount. I would gladly pay $35 a month for what I use currently


East Amherst, NY
Thats laughable. For PPC (same coverage and you CAN use smartphones) for $29 you get 1200min, 3000 texts/MMS and 250MB of data. They even have lower plans if you use less.... And now talk for Good offers an a la carte menu....

and TO BOOT VZ doesn't even offer M2M on the $35 plan, making it on par w/ MVNO but MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE. FAIL.

Now if you are keen, you use GV or imessage if you need over 3000.

In any case verizon prepaid is no match for Verizon MVNO offerings.

I pay $30 a YEAR to keep a burner phone on PPC.

And this $35 plan isn't a smartphone, so you will be lucky to use 20MB