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Hilo, HI
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Re: [WIN7] Wheres the mail?

Gee...why did you take my comment out of context? Not a very nice thing to do and if you would like a reply to your "?" then fix your post so it correctly reflects what I said. Of course, if you do that, the answer is there in my comment. However, if you had trouble understanding my comment then ask properly and I will try to further explain.
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This is what the "Windows Live Mail" looks like. From Msradell See Profile's description I'm going to assume it is similar to the new Outlook. As you can see from the screenshot, each account is listed separately with its own set of folders. You can either use the inbox for each account to view your messages or there is a convenient set of quick views (in the red box). I don't like the ribbon either so I have it hidden.
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said by Mele20:

Why would I allow other users on my PERSONAL computer? That doesn't make sense. No OS since 98SE makes sense. A computer is extremely personal...you don't allow others to use your toothbrush or wear your clothes, etc. Everyone should have their own computer or use a public one.

Then why tout the "password protection" feature of OEXP Identities?
It is just as useless in a single user environment as in a multi user one.
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