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Re: Reasons

said by tcope:

said by hey hey hey :

Verizon already has 93 million postpaid customers. How many are left to get? Also Share Everything plans are OPTIONAL for current customers. So if they don't like it they don't have to be on them. Let's see churn rate is UNDER 1%. In fact for every person that leaves Verizon 4 are joining. But hey why let FACTS get in the way.

"Prepaid customers have been growing 15% year over year (compared to 1% for postpaid), and now account for 25% of all wireless consumers."

Where are all of these non-post paid people coming from? For some reason pre-paid is growing 15%. Verizon is gaining 1% post paid and loosing 1% post paid. Break even. However, pre-paid is gaining 15%. According to Verizon 14% of those pre-paid customers are not from post paid losses. So pre-paid is really the cash cow for Verizon (it's true for T-Mobile as well). So clearly, more people are becoming pre-paid. Why not post-paid? Perhaps because post-paid rates are crazy stupid.

TM agrees and even has gone as far as to not offer post-paid plans any longer. If people have a phone why should they paid subsidized rates? Why does Verizon not discount their post paid rates if a customer brings their own phone? This is where pre-paid is the only alternative. That is why more people (even on Verizon) are going with pre-paid and not post paid.

People are discovering prepaid doesn't have all the BS unfees that postpaid does. however this is waaaaay overpriced compared to tmo. i'll stick to my 83 cents per month, one reload per year.
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