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U-Verse Losing Connection

My U-Verse connection drops at least once per day and it has been happening for the past 3-4 months. When this happens, my TV and internet will completely stop working. Sometimes it is just for a couple of seconds and sometimes it is up to 30 minutes at a time.
I have had 7 separate techs come out to my house and nobody can figure out what it wrong. It has gone as far as the last tech telling me not to call in anymore because it is counting against him and he will be written up.
I don't know what to do anymore. I don't have any good options when it comes to other TV and internet service in my area. Any suggestions on what I should do/what I should ask for?


Mine hasn't had this problem at all yet. I've had it for some time too...I have no clue what you should do....that sucks....


Chicago, IL
reply to joeridings88
Post your issue in the AT&T direct forums or email Uversecare@att.com

If you have windows you should download UV Realtime and post screenshots of the "IP/Profile", "Error Table", and "Bitloading" pages on here.


You can also go to your RG at and see your sync rate and other stats there.

midwest pt

reply to joeridings88
So may questions, what state your in determines what a prem tech can and cannot do when dispatched on a repair, type of residence (single family home, MDU), access to wiring (finished basement, wiring wrap outside home exposed to elements, wiring parallel to electrical or Flo lighting), etc.
Basically RG is resetting itself more than likely from taking on too many errors, possible causes:
1) RG (suspect this has been swapped several times already)
2) power for RG, was this replaced also or did they just swap RG, also power source not on a circuit that is questionable such as items with a motor or compressor such as sump pumps, refrigerator or freezer, etc.
3) cabling includes data cable RG to jack, the jack itself, type of cable (cat5 preferred, could be cat3, should not be quad R,G,Y,B, (in a mdu this is landlords responsibility not techs to replace), stable in cable?, parallel to electrical wiring inducing errors
4) NID replaced or updated with protector, splitter (depend on region PT, or outside tech)
5) drop from terminal to NID (depend on region PT or Outside tech)
6) outside wiring term to SAI (InR responsible PT can run a test, if it fails can request outside tech, must be approved by another dept, or tech can request his manager to override if dept refuses request.
7) SAI flaky port, port swap (depend on region PT or outside tech)
Note outside issues possible causes squirrel chewed in wiring, mice at term, or SAI, moisture in cable, bad section of cable, etc.
Other possible causes includes proximity to radio towers, ham radio operators in neighborhood, etc.

Recently had a customer who had 17 reinit in 45 minutes with large errors, the other three hours on a four hour report was perfectly clean with no errors, intermittent issues are hard to troubleshoot you have to take a shotgun approach and cover as many possibilities at once and then wait and see it problem is solved.

Customer requesting a tech dispatch within 30 days from a previous tech visit does give the first tech a repeat, too many repeats can result in being written up, leading to possible suspension and/or dismissal, on issues sometimes beyond the techs control (how would you feel if you did your best, but lost your job for something you could not control)