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Maryville, TN
reply to Faster

Re: Decent, lowish mileage used vehicle for $5000 or less?

said by Faster:

If there is a Car Max near you that would IMO far and away considering all factors involved be your best bet and certainly the easiest.


The cheapest vehicle you're going to find on a Carmax lot is going to be ~$8k (the lowest I've seen), and likely an '03 or '04 model with closer to 120k miles (the outer limits for a Valumax).


Carlisle, PA
reply to slyphoxj
said by slyphoxj:

Well, the car hunt has ended (actually ended a week ago). My niece got a 2005 Ford Escape XLT (Sport?) with about 97k miles... and her first issue yesterday . One of the brake lines blew.

I've read online that the Escapes all the way up to 2010 are plagued with rear windows that like to randomly explode (2005 and 2010 especially) and ECM (Engine Control Module) failures (2005). I just hope that these gremlins don't bite... my niece has been through enough already . Anything that can be done to lessen the likelihood of these happening to my niece's Escape?

And, oh man, the recalls on the 2013's thus far .

That must ahve been a fluke - the Escape's brake lines are pretty well protected and unless you are in the salt belt should be OK. I'd check the rest just to be safe.

I've found the Internet tends to amplify things way out of proportion. Sure there are common issues (like the 3.0 oil pan and timing gaskets that like to leak) but those are the same with any car. Ask a Toyota owner about sludge (might not be an issue now) or a Honda owner about their automatic transmission (still an issue on V6 models).

Really not sure about the 2013 recalls - from what I remember it was for a bum cooling systme plug and a software reprogram. I've been keeping an eye on them as the wife really likes them and when hers hits 150k we may start looking at new cars. I wouldn't trust any 12-13 year old car with 150k+ on it and at that age things may start going (like transmissions).