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FiOS TV down for me, can I still determine signal strength?

At 4am my FiOS TV was okay. Sometime before 9am, it went down and I could not get any channels. (You know the message, not available, go to another channel and return, press B, call 1 866 962 1946, etc. I tried all of those, no go. I logged on to the internet and used some options from FiOS TV help, and then I finally called tech support. After 30 minutes working with the CSR where we ended up with the TV/STB stuck on the "Starting up... one moment please" message, she said I'd need a tech visit.)

One of the things the CSR mentioned when she said she was going to send a signal to my STB was that there was an indication that the signal was low. So here's my question, can I see the signal levels for myself at this point? If they can see this remotely, can I do the same thing (say via the internet)?

Just curious. Thanks!


Long Beach, CA
If the STB is not fully booted, you cannot access the menus that show signal levels.

Di the CSR have you reboot your router and ONT? You might try that if you haven't already.


No to both (reboot router and ONT). I did ask about the ONT, though. Also, I didn't think that the modem was involved in basic FiOS TV (except for a few features).


Okay, I looked up rebooting the ONT and it says not to do it without talking to a CSR. I did just reboot the modem and that doesn't seem to help. Guess I wait until Monday for the tech.


reply to vircotto
Okay, early this morning my internet connection went out, so both TV and internet were down and out.

As part of the troubleshooting w/ the CSR, I got to reboot the ONT. It didn't fix anything.

My internet is back up, but TV is still out. The CSR mentioned that there was an issue with some set top boxes in the area that they've been working on since yesterday.