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[Internet] Sagemcom Wireless Disconnects

Is there an issue with the wifi on these things?
Since upgrading from the 2Wire, I've had intermittent wifi problems where it just hangs and I have to power-cycle the hub.

I don't have a lot connected wirelessly to it.. my primary issue is with my laptop(Atheros AR9285) and a wireless bridge I have located in the basement for X360 and a Pi.
The 360 doesnt seem to drop connection, but the Pi will drop major frames in the middle of a movie.(didnt happen with the 2Wire)

Should I be looking at getting an external Wireless Router?


Scarborough, ON
You should definitely get an external wifi access point and disable the sagemcoms' wifi. I think it gets bogged down with too much radio traffic around it and the result is poor download speeds. It's a hit and miss with the Sagemcom honestly.

A non
reply to Rewstama
I'd make sure the drivers are up to date on the laptop first, Atheros is known for these kinds of problems.