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[connectivity] Xbox Live Issues!!

For months I had a great connection after having someone from verizon on here help me out. All was well until one day I started getting huge pings and would need to restart my modem 20 times to get my pings back down and allow me to play xbox.

Ended up talking to someone on here from verizon again and they had a new modem sent to me, it sort of fixed the problem but not really. I would still find myself restarting my modem a bunch of times.

Now I am getting decent pings using (43ms) which is what I was getting when my gaming experience was fine. I am also getting download speeds 2.7mbps and uploads of about .7 mpbs which is some what low but what I was getting before and having no gaming issues. Out of no where today it is not letting me connect to xbox live at all. Good pings and what not but wont let me connect.

When I do get connected and then run a connection test on xbox live every single time it goes through the test tells me I am connected to xbox live but tells me I am connected with limited connectivity which is causing issues connecting to friends parties and making play some games impossible because the lag is terrible.

This is insane I have been pulling hair out over this connection for months. This is the only service I can get in my area as far as I know(I have looked!!). So I am stuck with it unfortunately!

Someone help me!! haha

I seen somewhere that Xbox live is down and having issues. So its probably a Microsoft issue and not a Verizon issue. I dont own an xbox myself, so I'm just saying from what I seen on the internet as of today.


yup you are right I actually just saw that stupid me!!

but I did just run a speed test and came out with an amazing 411ms ping to a server 50 miles from me......... even if xbox was up looks like it wouldnt be working for me.. thanks verizon youre great!