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Portland, OR

[Qwest] Cisco 678 Bridging to CenturyLink in Oregon - Intermitte

I have been using Cisco 678's to connect to Qwest/CenturyLink in Oregon for many years now.

I always like to maintain a few spare 678's just in case I get into trouble after a storm or something like that.

I am finding that sometimes I pick up a 678, and it won't connect. I set it up for bridging just as described here: » ··· ged.html .

I set up all the modems this way. On the LAN side, I have a Linksys WRT54GL running Tomato v1.28, configured to use PPPoE.

But sometimes a new modem won't connect. The WAN light blinks and blinks but it never goes solid. Can't be password problem, since the user name and password are in the WRT54GL.

Sometimes I'll find that take one off the shelf that wasn't working a while back, and now it will be just fine. Sometimes I'll swap out one that was working (to configure a new one) - and then the one that was working this morning doesn't work now (generally after going through an nvram reconfiguration; today I tried configuring one to use PPP instead of bridging, but I couldn't get it to work).

Any guesses as to what might be wrong? Is there something subtle in the bridging-configuration procedure (see link above) that I might easily get wrong or skip or something like that? Or do the 678's sometimes get a little flaky when they're hot or cold or something like that?