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Gilman, WI

[CenturyTel] Is there a residential T-1 service?

We live about 10 miles from the phone company central office, and our DSL performance is terrible.

I know enough about the technology, that I'm being fed from a rural remote terminal equipped a DSLAM, which itself is being fed from the phone company by multiple spanned T1's, all on a copper trunk line back to the central office (2 pairs per T1).

Okay if performance is so horrible on DSL, and I'm paying for 1.5 meg DSL, and the T-1 is 1.5 meg...... it appears I'm already using a 10 mile T-1 but it's just the last mile (literally) that isn't a T-1 to our house.

So, what does it take to just have that 11th mile be a T-1 straight into my house? And can it be done for not much more cost than DSL?

(I think I actually have an old AdTran CSU/DSU lying around somewhere at work, that hasn't been used in five years...)
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Last I checked a T-1 is considered a business line, with the cost probably being a few hundred dollars per month (not including any install fees).

By the way, what are you getting on a speedtest?

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North Las Vegas, NV
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You can get a T1 in a residential area. I had one before DSL became available at my location. I was paying around $300/month back then. I've seen ads for as low as $199, but it all depends on where you are. If you order the T1 direct from CL, it could be anywhere from $300 to $1200 per month.


Marysville, OH
reply to Javik
Have you looked into wireless at all? Ten miles might be a bit of a stretch, but you really only need to get to where the service is good. For $150 a month you could convince a lot of folks to let you run a second line to their home and put an antenna on a pole or on their roof. You'd be out a grand or two up front, but it would all be made up in the first year vs a T1.

Not for the faint of heart, but might be worth looking into.


Arcadia, FL
what is the speed for t1 that. they offer???


Winfield, AL
A full T-1 is 1.5 Mbps up and down you can get fractional from 128k, 512k, ect but this day and age most would get a full T-1. This won't be even in the same ballpark as residential (or even business) DSL however.
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Knox, IN
reply to Javik
I had some quotes done for a T-1 line at our rural location just 2.5 miles outside of the nearest town. My wife and I work telecommute so we needed something at least 1.5 meg down. Back in 2010 I received quotes anywhere from $ 400 - 850 per month and that was with a 2 - 3 year contract. With no contract the installation was around $ 200 - 300. Needless to say I found a business in town that rented me space out for less and just had a fast residential dsl line installed in that space.


Arcadia, FL
wow. best bonded dsl does the same speeds.