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Casper, WY

No connection or slow speed with CenturyLink and local ISP.

Hi all

I have CenturyLink 1.5mbps DSL through a local ISP (tribcsp.com). Lately my connection has been spotty as best. I am using an Actiontec Model# GT701. There are times when I will have no connection at all. When I check the modem I see a green power and ethernet light. The internet light however will not be lit and the DSL light will be either solid green or flashing green. Also many times when i have a connection it is slow to load. I have of course restarted the modem and some times that helps me to get a connection, but does not always help with the speed problem and then there are other times when it does not even help me to get connected. Just wondering if this is a problem on my end, with CenturyLink, or my local ISP. Many times it is so bad that I just go to Starbucks to use the free Wi-Fi there.


Call your isp and qworst centel. I had similar experiences repeatedly with a local isp bought out 3 times separate from qwest. Its almost better to go with qwest only centel as they are squeezing out the little guys and thus neither can point the finger at eachother. Yout ISP will be able to see if the modem is training or if its on centel end. Run speed tests. If you have wifi check and see if someone is thieving your bandwidth. Additonal users connected via the router.

Right around when Centel took over Qwest working on somebody elses line with my ISP used a specific number to the tel co not a phone no or static ip not an ip at all to setup somebody elses channel that they had problems with. I don't recall what specific number was but it knocked my connection sketchy and off. The top tier tech at the ISP recognized that number from the day before.
So it could be the tel co as they are just humans and make errors too. Sometimes I think they just don't care about smaller ISP connections. Other times its something else in a data center.


Casper, WY
reply to MichaelGraha
I want to speedtest.net to test my connection.

I get the following:

Just a few minutes ago: 2.40 mbps down 0.18 mbps up 44 ping
»speedtest.net/result/2646002384. ··· 2384.png

Early today: 2.10 mbps down 0.27 mbps up 46 ping
»speedtest.net/result/2645819358. ··· 9358.png

Even early today: 1.39 mbps down 0.27 mbps up 47 ping
»speedtest.net/result/2645694028. ··· 4028.png

Looks like my download speed is getting better, although my upload speed stays the same or gets worse. Not really what ping means, but I have listed anyway. I am just hoping that the improvements last this go around.


Casper, WY
reply to Packet
Thanks for the reply. I really do hate calling tech support on the phone, but it looks like I may need to. I say this, as my internet is totally down right now (I am at a local diner eating breakfast and using their free wi-fi before work).

Yesterday Rocky Mountain Power was over checking on something at our house. While there they turned off our power for a about 5 or 10 minutes. When the power did finally come back on, my internet did not. My modem tried to reset itself, but not have any luck. When I look at the front of my modem I have is just a solid orange power light. Several times after that I turned off the modem and attempted to restart it, but not have any better luck. This morning I restarted the modem and I get a flashing green power light. I hope that is a good sign.

I need internet to work even if it is slow, as I am supposed to go out of town tomorrow and I need it to check the weather and road conditions. If is not working I guess I will be using my iPhone for these tasks.