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San Francisco, CA

nzbsrus down?

For sometime now NZBsrus is showing I'm not longer VIP, plus their forum is down, plus I can't seem to use many other facets of their site. Anyone else experiencing same? I should be paid up for VIP through 2014.

Resident Duh-Huh Member

Panama City, FL
Everything working fine. New forum is running. Need VIP to login I believe. For VIP issues, email Steve.
Certified Jenius!


San Francisco, CA
reply to AtariBaby
I think we are discussing two different sites? I'm talking nzbsrus.com not nzb.su

Resident Duh-Huh Member

Panama City, FL
oops. Sorry about that.


Victoria, BC
reply to AtariBaby
Have you read anything on their news page in the last few months?

They had some issues. First they only accept bitcoins as payment. Second; They discovered a glitch in their system that was allowing people to get VIP without paying. They panicked and removed VIP from everyone. At this point you had to open a "ticket" and send them proof of how you paid. This seemed bad to me, because if you'd been VIP for years, it would of predated the bug, why did they need to delete it?

Anyways if you didn't open the ticket you won't have VIP. If you do they'll only give you a year back (even if you had lifetime aka 10 years).

I think most of this went down in January, shortly after nzbmatrix shut down.

They did post all of this on their news page.


San Francisco, CA
reply to AtariBaby
Thanks. I use all automated systems like Sab so I didn't really know.

I submitted a support ticket and got a surly response of "read the news next time" and that was it. Sorry buddy my time machine is busted and i can't go back and read the news from before the link got broken!

So I contacted an admin who was nice enough to help within an hour. I recommend skipping the support helpdesk system and contacting an admin by using the "contact staff" link instead.


I am finding I can't log into the website at all. Most pages are broken. Helpdesk page is broken.
I tried the suggestion of 'Contacting staff' ... but you have to be logged in for this!
They don't seem active on Twitter.
I'm a paid up VIP member and don't seem to have any avenue to speak to anyone. Very frustrating.

Any suggestions? :)
Thanks folks.

Attempts to login in result in this:

Warning: error_log(/home/nzbsrus/public_html/error_logs/phpbb3.log) [function.error-log]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/nzbsrus/public_html/phpBB3/includes/functions.php on line 3721
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home2/nzbsrus/public_html/phpBB3/includes/functions.php:3721) in /home2/nzbsrus/public_html/phpBB3/includes/functions.php on line 2678
Return to index page
General Error
Could not find required extension [memcache] for the ACM module memcache.

Attempts to access the Helpdesk result in:

404 Not Found
The server can not find the requested page:
 www.nzbporn.com/support/ (port 80)
Please forward this error screen to www.nzbporn.com's WebMaster.
Apache/2.2.23 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.23 OpenSSL/1.0.0-fips mod_bwlimited/1.4 Server at www.nzbporn.com Port 80


reply to AtariBaby
2013-04-16 -
Today our host made a mistake and switched our dns records by accident. This brought the site down for about
45 minutes, the mistake has been reverted
You may get errors with ssl and or dns until everything propagates again.
We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


Its completely gone now?

Santa Rosa, CA
reply to AtariBaby
Works for me: