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Kanata, ON

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[Internet] Bell Fibe, Sagecom Connection Hub, Polycom Phones

I tried to respond to MadMax's thread here:

»[Internet] Bell Fibe and Sagecom Connection Hub

But it's too old. I just wanted to put in a quick follow up..

I've spent the last week trying to get 4 Polycom 335s online with one of these modems, and it couldn't be done.

It seems that the DHCP server (or more) in the Bell modem is buggy, and plugging in a phone causes it to not work, either complaining that the network link is down, or that the DHCP server was unreachable.

After that, you can't access the web interface on the Bell modem anymore, and in some cases, the whole internet connection drops out, and the modem has to be restarted (maybe several times) to get it back online.

Bell came and replaced the modem, I wanted to test if the issue was resolved, but the very unprofessional Bell technician refused to try plugging the phone in, so I could show him the problem, and he kept claiming that it was the phones' fault that they didn't work, and then hung up on me.

(I have that call recorded for anyone who wants to listen to a rude unprofessional Bell technician, or I suppose you could just call 310 SURF for that).

The replacement modem exhibited exactly the same behaviour.. plug in a Polycom, and bam, Bell modem crashes.

In the end the resolution was to install a Dlink router between the modem and the phone, using the Dlink's DHCP server to provide an IP to the phone, and then configure a static lease in the Bell modem for the Dlink router, and DMZ all the traffic to that IP.

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GTA Canada
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Re: [Internet] Bell Fibe, Sagecom Connection Hub, Polycom Phone

That is good knowledge for anyone else trying to do the same thing. The Sagemcom can be a beast at times and you show a way to get around the problem.
My Canada includes Quebec.
Disclaimer: If I express an opinion, it is my own opinion, not that of Bell or its related companies.


reply to squigley
WOW! glad i came across this post! just purchased a polycom IP450, had exactly same issue with bell connection hub spent two days but no result, my internet connection dropped every few minutes and i had to restart the modem, now a bell technician is scheduled to come here to repair (!)


reply to Glen1
Will it work with a dlink network switch? or must it be a modem?


Kanata, ON
It must be a router, or some other device that logically separates the networks (firewall etc), and serves DHCP, so the phones can't talk directly to the junk Bell modem.

A switch won't make any difference, I know because I tried using a Netgear switch in this environment (since it was PoE to power the phones).

Alternatively, you could try changing the config of the phone(s) to have static IPs instead of using DHCP, and that may stop the junk Bell modem from crashing.


Can i set static ip on the polycom ip 450?