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[Internet] Urgent question about MX Records/Mail Server that got

Hi! I did a website for a company that is using www.networksolutions.com to manage their domain. I did forwarding to my server to point to the new website, but doing so it reset all the settings in the account.

I got a call from the company telling me all their emails failed (about 50 people, big company)

So I talked to a tech at www.networksolutions.com and he told me that I just have to put back the 'MX records' in place for the emails to work. I called Bell to have them but they would not give it to me since i dont have the password, and the president of the company said he didnt remember it. The tech told me that he could send it by email.... but they dont work thats the actual problem!

So I'm here to ask if there is a default structure for the mx server/records... like MyDomainName.BellHosting.ca or something?

I tried using name servers and my friend at the company told me he got a few emails (strange) but i doubt its working the emails i send are bouncing back.

Thanks for anyone who can help me, every communication with the president i have gets me closer to being sued... Please help a fellow webdesigner guys!

The Doctor


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Re: [Internet] Urgent question about MX Records/Mail Server that

Your hosting provider should be able help you with this.
Make sure you have the domain pointed to bellhosting nameservers seeing account already active on their end it may have created mx records for you.

Bell Hosting FAQ
»www.bellhosting.ca/en/topics/dns ··· home.htm


Mississauga, ON
reply to thomasdc7
Can you please let me know what's the domain name you've setup for that company.

This will help me find what you're looking for.