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AT&T UVerse...Seinfeld Episode?

Attempting to get UVerse voice service reminds my of an old Seinfeld episode where the rental car agency happily took the reservation but didn't quite understand the concept of actually "holding" the reservation. I ordered UVerse internet and voice in February (...after solving the challenging riddle to do so...I was surprised how difficult this was to was impossible to do online, and it took multiple phone calls, etc.) Unfortunately, I've learned it's even more difficult to have all of the service I ordered to be activated. The internet was activated but I learned AT&T cancelled my UVerse phone service without my knowledge. Apparently, there's some magical fairy dust...or super secret process that an aspiring UVerse customer needs to use.

Of course, if you want to take care of any of this after 7 p.m. you're hosed. Not only can you not get customer support, you can't order any new services after 7...yes, an aspiring customer cannot get anyone to help them sign up for a long-term, revenue-generating service with AT&T after 7 p.m. Wow!

Maybe my expectations are too high...