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2 HD shows downloading on max turbo.. only 1.2 Mbps left?

Hi all,

My family just got Max turbo, 1 HD DVR, 2 additional receivers and phone installed and I have to say it has not impressed us at all. As soon as it was all hooked up I ran a speed test.

Here's the results of the test: Initial Speed Test

As you can see this is no where near the max 28, really only 66% percent of it or so.

Now I just got off work and wanted to see if maybe it adjusted while I was gone. Nope, seems worse now tbh.

Getting a solid 1.5 Mbps: Later Speed Test

I'm under the impression that a HD recording should only take 5-8 Mbps away from my bandwidth. I'm really not sure what to do from here because I have little knowledge on how this stuff works really.

Any help would be great, thanks!

When testing are you wireless or hardwired? Only hardware are considered for speed tests as too much can interfere with wireless connections from 2.4 phones, garage doors, baby monitor, microwaves, wireless head phones, etc.

In a mdu such as apartment or condo complex or single family home? Mdu have disadvantage of many more users causing inference on wireless signal as well as Max out bandwidths available, time of day when users are home or not.

Do you have a router or switch behind the gateway?

Max turbo is Max 24 not 28, additional it is an up to 24 not a guarantee 24.
Most users on that profile will see 75-95% of speed that is 18-22.5
Yes TVs service takes precedent and on a 32 meg profile with two HD feeds active 18 -19 would be Max obtained

If heavy users of HD programming may want to lower internet profile to save some money and get what you are paying for, or limit HD to SD.

Recommend unplug dvr (no recordings taking place), turn off all stbs, direct connect to RG, run several speed tests take average for more accurate speed, if believe a problem exist call for a tech visit.


Waterford, MI
reply to biq21
The 2nd test does not show a good download speed at all. The 1st is 19.2 Mb on your 24 Mb connection as I am pretty sure that the Turbo Max speed is 24 Mb. If you had a HD channel playing during the 1st test then you were pretty close to the max download speed for your Turbo Max connection.



reply to biq21
My Computer is connected to the modem by wire. No, I don't have a router hooked up to it. We live in a two story home if that matters.

So, you said I'm on a 32 meg profile.. What exactly does that mean?

Nothing else is turned on atm except for the internet and here's the results: »speedof.me/show.php?img=13041609 ··· 7270.png

It looks like I'm getting a pretty good percentage of the bandwidth promised. I just don't really understand why last night 2 hd streams took my bandwidth down that much.

I'm coming from time warner cable and I don't believe, but correct me if I'm wrong, that recording shows slowed my down speed at all.

Thanks for answer this Noobie's questions.

I currently have TW 20, using your test of speed out me I only show 5.55, using speedtest.net and connecting to different servers show from 10.35 to 16.2 all within five minutes. Notice at no time do I approach 20 unless I test at 3am, no traffic, so internet usage, time of day, and services in use can affect speed.
Your profile can be thought of as a pie or stack of something, each service takes a unit voip (1), SD (2), HD (6), internet what's left up to Max program for.
Record two HD shows, watch third with iPad and hardwired PC on internet get 32-6-6-6=14 Max available being shared between PC and iPad. As services are turned off the Max available increases to your internet speeds up to you hsia profile of either 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 you are signed up for. ATT provides a finite amount of bandwidth to you, your choices determine your use of what is available