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Downloads all of a sudded Very slow 100kbs.....

Hey guys, I have CenturyLink DSL and it's supposed to be at 40Mbps, but for like the last two weeks downloads have been going very slow. Barely above 100kbs, I've been downloading on this same connection at very high speeds like 2-3Mbs so this slowdown is really confusing....Web browsing is still fast and speedtests show the network at like 10-13Mbps far slower than I am paying for. I've donw numerous virus scans and updated all my drivers, tried resetting the router and tried a bunch of other stuff through windows 7. I also called techincal service but they kept telling me that their speedtests showed nothing wrong with the connection and that the problem was on my end. The tech even threatened me near the end that he would send a technichian to my house and it would be very expensive and I have to pay....Please help if you've experienced a similar problem.......