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TL-WDR7500 11AC 1500 - problems

Firmware Version : 3.13.29 B 130126 R 50426n

1. Any device which is switched off (WiFi turned off) wont be able to connect again without a router reboot. I get a connection timeout error when trying to connect. Happens only when there are more than 3 devices connected. (all my devices are ARP linked to MAC addresses with fixed IP addresses - I thought this would eleminate the problem but not)

2. Streaming videos stop playing after 5 minutes. I have to click on the play button to start the stream again. When I test the internet speed through speedtest.net or speedtest.comcast.net, I get over 40MBPS consistently.

3. The router doesnt recogonize 3TB or above HDDs on either ports

4. As long as all devices connect to one channel (either 5G or 2.4G), the connectivity speed is excellent. The moment a device connects to the other channel, the connection speed fluctuates a lot on both.

Any advice to fix any of hese issues will be of great help. Thank you so much in advance.