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Forest Hills, NY
·Time Warner Cable

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VideoPad Video Editor - am i using this wrong?

my edit needs are simple; take a dozen minute long spans of footage from an hour long video off a wide range of file formats and screensizes (lightworks is terrible at this - it's too picky). VideoPad does what I need but has one tragic flaw which triples the amount of time it takes me to get any work done (besides only using one core - it's free so i can't complain).

the three basic buttons for setting a start point end point then copying and pasting that selected footage from to your storyboard works as follows;

Ctrl + . : Set input point here
Ctrl + , : Set output point here
Ctrl + e : Add clip to sequence

so I should be able in the Selected File Preview window to set the input output then add the clip to the end of my storyboard sequence, then move or reset to a new input and output point and add the next clip, etc. there is a setting (by default) where it automatically adds new clips to the end of your storyboard sequence, so there is no need to mouse around to position it and set a new storyboard endpoint.

only in VideoPad it does not allow me to work this way.

what VideoPad does is after I add a clip it greys out the Add clip command and button, so when i choose a new input and output point, i can't Add that new clip - even drag and drop does not work to Add anything from the preview to the storyboard. what I'm forced to do is reselect the original file so it appears fresh in my preview window, then i have to hunt through an hour of video to find the area of the file i left off and only then can i designate a new input output point so the Add button is active again.

i imagine there must be a way to clear/reset the input:output points so the Add clip button refreshes and comes back ready for your next clip selection - but the only way to clear/reset those input:output points that I can find is to reload the original video file all over again into the preview window.

this is truly frustrating. why would anyone design a program that makes you start all over again to simply get to your next area for clip selection. I can only assume there is some setting or usage finesse I may not be familiar with, so maybe someone who uses VideoPad regularly can enlighten me. they don't host a forum, and tech support is only for paid versions, so I'm hoping someone here can help me out.

Imagine you were word processing a 100 page contract and every time you cut&pasted a paragraph to a new area, you had to save, reload then scroll through all those many pages to find where you where you last left off before making any new changes - nobody would buy such a program, yet that's exactly how VideoPad seems to work.


Try putting the entire file on the timeline, use the 'Split button' at the beginning and end of the section you want to delete, then right click and delete the unwanted part.

Forest Hills, NY
·Time Warner Cable

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just in case anyone is still following my quest;

jimmy - the split button in that context simply takes any scene on your timeline and cuts it in two so you can move parts of it around, like if you have one 60 second scene and split it in half you'll have two 30 second scenes. there is no in/output point setting involved when doing a split.

OK, so I pretty much established that VideoPad is not working the way I want, so I wasted a day downloading installing and uninstalling half a dozen other popular free/cheap editors until i found;

AVS Video Editor 6.3

this program does what i want, with many convenience features. you drop your imported video file into a timeline, then right click on and it select "Multi-Trim" which opens up another window you can even move to a different screen if you have more than one. in this Multi Trim window you can designate multiple sets of Mark-In Mark-Out points as many times as you like. there is even a zoom button to see the current play duration line in higher resolution making it easy to mark scenes only a few seconds long or between each other. once you are done marking the entire video file, you hit an Add button once and the program moves all the scenes you marked into the timeline of the main window. there you can rearrange them, add transitions, titles, whatever you like.

two major PRO's i found with AVS is it allows you to import a wider variety of screen sizing and video file formats such as RM's and MP's but has a low tolerance for any sort of file corruption, so you may still need a separate video repair or conversion tool. thankfully AVS does use multiple CPU cores at 64bit while producing your final product file to disk, so the performance difference between AVS and VideoPad was minutes instead of hours. the only CON i found thus far after some casual use is the final product files don't show accurate scene splicing. I often found my edits were many extra frames different from what I had Marked on the Multi-Trim screen. I can forgive this because I'm using it casually, but people looking for better finished product may have to look elsewhere. if you download AVS you get a full version that puts a watermark on your finished videos until you pay to activate it. but if you google around there are plenty of activator cracks that seem to work fine