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I need a NVG510 to assign static to Cisco ASA

Hi, I have a block of static addresses from AT&T and their NVG510 gateway.

What I would like is the gateway to give the ASA one of my static addresses so that I can do a VPN connection.

I've setup the Public Subnet correctly, set DHCP pool to Public. Set the ASA WAN with one of my available statics and the default gateway to the "Public IPv4 Address".

The result is that the ASA cannot access the internet. I've tried the pass-through options... When trying every suggestion I've found online about assigning a static address to the real router the result is always that the Cisco ASA cannot access the internet.

Is there a way to do this? Have the NVG510 assign a static IP address to a router connected to it so that the router has a public address?


Are you sure the IP address you assigned as the "Public IPv4 Address" on the NVG-510 (from your static block) is not the network or broadcast address for that block?

Simply following this should have you up and running.