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Louisville, KY

[Phone] Insight Phone 2.0

Recently got their 2.0 installed, before that, had their original phone service (without special modem). With old service if I was on my phone and someone tried to call, I would hear the beep for call waiting, and I could see the number on my caller ID, but with this new "improved" service, it would appear that this doesn't happen anymore. I hear the beep but I don't see the number.

Has anyone else experienced this? Was this just a one time thing for that one call?
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Louisville, KY
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HI Superacraig,

It sounds like they did not provision call waiting ID, just regular call waiting service. You might want to check with Insight to make sure that they have that turned on. Also, check your telephone to make sure the setting for callerID on call waiting is not turned off. Most telephones, if the setting is available, is defaulted to yes, but other times, it can accidentally get turned off where it does not intercept the caller ID signals.

One way to tell if your telephone line has call waiting on ID is you will hear a call waiting beep, followed by a higher pitched noise after the call waiting beep. Usually you will hear this on a cord phone with no caller ID. If you just hear a beep, no sounds after, then call Insight to have them turn that service on.