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Katonah, NY

[DVR] Media Server Reportedly Coming in September


Verona, NJ
notice two ip boxes show wireless connectivity.

September is in line with what i was told.


Rumson, NJ
That is great news. Once they are out, I want to exchange my 7232 HMDVR and my silver HD box for the Media Server and Client Box.

I wonder if they will connect directly to ethernet, though. Instead of coax, or WiFI. I do not trust wireless like I trust wireline connections.

Also I wonder when the preorders will begin, and when will one's local VZ store have hem in stock.

My family will love the Client's STB pause and rewind live tv feature. Now not just for DVRs anymore.


reply to brownk
OK guy's take a very good look at the Blue cloud next to the BHR it shows in very small text "500 megabit" Download. Ooh Yes Yeah and a side of 150Mbps upload hopefully.


united state
They can keep the Media Server (unless it uses ethernet i am not interested), but Bring on the 500Mbit download!


Schenectady, NY
reply to brownk
If it really takes until September, it's seriously pathetic...

Both Dish and DirecTV will have had a similar product for what, a year or so? When VZ has been working on this product for years?

I appreciate the rigor / validation they do, but it just seems like it's more than a year too late. By the time it is finally released, a matter of 6 months later and their competition will be moving to even better hardware.

Sorry, just really disappointed in the continued delay.


Collegeville, PA
reply to nascar
I've just got one question that needs answering: Cost?

If it isn't reasonable then I don't care if it can wirelessly transmit TV directly into my brain

I really hope there's also an option to buy it instead of renting...but it's VZ so it won't happen.


Lewisville, TX
reply to brownk
Just in time for the fall tv season when i'll really need it.


·Verizon FiOS
reply to JackBauer
Yea, and when its released early with 1,000,000 bugs, youd be happy with that as well , right? Get it right, release it with no bugs.
The wireless aspect is set to be a mess, especially in MDU's where not only will there be overcrowded spectrum and interference, but people will EASILY share TV accounts. A product that will actually reduce subscribers, wonderful idea.

Downingtown, PA
First, I agree with your first comment - there's always a balance that needs to be struck between pushing out functionality quickly, and pushing it out correctly. Some consumers are just fine taking lots of bugs with their service, as long as they get the cutting edge of technology. Most consumers, though, don't fall within that camp. They expect what they get to work.

On the item about sharing between neighbors... that's an issue that all of these companies are going to have to wrestle with anyway. The FCC is requiring these companies to develop over the top ip gateways for in-home streaming. Now, I don't believe that such a set up REQUIRES wireless... but without it, such a setup would be seriously deficient. So, it can easily be assumed that such gateways will be wireless. It's something these guys are going to have to figure out, anyway. And I think the appeal of wireless service through the home far outweighs the concern of pirating service.


Exton, PA

1 recommendation

I hope there is a wired option. I already have ethernet pulled to my 3 TV locations because wireless didn't work too well e.g. streaming Netflix to a Blu-Ray player. Imagine how much more bandwidth and everyday usage this would get.

I like wires. They pretty much always work.

Downingtown, PA
I have a hard time believing that they wouldn't be able to handle wired connectivity. The video that Verizon put out there some time ago specifically calls out for the fact that these satellite boxes will start out that way, and will eventually migrate to wireless. Looks like they may just roll them out as handling wireless from the get-go, which I think is a good call.

Besides, you know there are going to be consumers out there that have issues getting clean wireless signals (as Italian correctly pointed out). Installers have to have a solution for such customers. On top of that, most consumers already have cable hook ups where their TVs are located. For a large number of installs, wireless would be unnecessary. Still wireless is really appealing to me. I have areas in the house where I would like to have a TV, but there's no cable outlet nearby. I could run the coax, but haven't gotten around to doing it yet.


reply to blue_trooper
I'm giddy but restraining myself some until we see what it will cost.

We're not in Kansas anymore
Virginia Beach, VA
reply to brownk
It looks like the Motorola Home division was sold to Arris. Do you think that this has anything to do with the September date?

»moto.arrisi.com/mediaexperiences ··· nces2go/




Palm Harbor, FL
As nice as the moxi interface is, I think Verizon is pretty heavily invested in developing its STB software in-house. It will be interesting to see if this system is compatible with DLNA premium video. If the client boxes are potentially wireless, I can see the delayed deployment attributed to the implementation of 802.11ac, which could provide reliable wireless transmission. The super large channel widths however would be a nightmare in MDU situations.


Collegeville, PA
said by tennisman94:

It will be interesting to see if this system is compatible with DLNA premium video.

Very good point made. We knew they had plans to allow 3rd party devices such as Xbox as client devices although we haven't yet gotten any details on specifics.


Upper Marlboro, MD
reply to brownk
I already pay $20 a month for DVR rental. If this media server cost about $5 more per month, I might consider it. If more, hell no.


Virginia Beach, VA
I have 3 DVRs (1 is MR), and 1 HD STB, so my total is $66/month or so for the box rentals, if it can trim any cost off of that I will consider it.

Wow, I never really figured out my box costs before. That's 1/3rd of my bill.....that's insane.


Paramus, NJ
reply to brownk
Anyone know if, when channel surfing, the channels will "black out" & resync for a second, each time you change channel ( and/or use the LCR button), or will it be quick and 'seamless, as it is with current boxes...?

Downingtown, PA
I would have to think that it would be pretty quick. Look at how responsive the multi-room DVR feeds are right now. I hit pause on a show that I'm playing, and it responds pretty darn fast. Granted, changing channels is a bit different, and it wouldn't shock me if there was a tiny lag over channel changes directly off the DVR, but if the current state of their technology is an indication, I have to think it's nothing horrible. Still... we won't know until they roll it out.