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Sacramento, CA
reply to telcodad

Re: [X1] Xfinity X1 now available to New Customers

said by telcodad:

Well, while it may be "technically possible," in this post »Re: New Guides for SA/Cisco Areas (Info from Ted Hodgins Blog) from the "New Guides for SA/Cisco Areas" thread, Ted Hodgins had this explanation for why they wouldn't push OSG 2.0 out to existing, in-home boxes:

... it's fairly technical, but to keep the explanation simple, the new On-Screen Guide 2.0 is delivered to our newest cable boxes via a different and newer protocol and technology (called OCAP or tru2way).

The RNG 200 that you have in your home today is not assigned to the tru2way mode and can't be easily flipped or changed into that mode and preserve your current DVR recordings, favorites and other user configurable settings which would be a bad customer experience.

Yep that makes sense. The guide software is completely different, it isn't just an incremental update. I assume it requires activating the Tru2Way middleware and loading the guide software with it. i-Guide is in no way Tru2way enabled of course, since fundamentally it's the same software as it was in 1999.

So it would require a complete reset of the software on the box. That would come as quite a surprise to people. (Though personally if I were warned with plenty of time, I'd be fine with it.)
I still hope they figure out how to transition though, I mean it's supposed to be their goal to move all capable hardware forward and make i-Guide their legacy guide. Most people aren't going to swap boxes "just because" - most people don't even know or care that there is a much newer/nicer UI.