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AT&T Uverse - One channel continues to pixilation

I've had at&t u-Verse since it became available in my area. (I've had a couple of RG and tv boxes replaced a couple of times)

The issue is with channel 1032 in the Appleton, WI market.

It's HD and it cuts out every 45-75 seconds. Cutting out means pixilation and the sound goes out.

Anyone know where to report this in the big AT&T beast.

The customer service reps don't have a clue what I'm talking about.

Is that a local channel in your market like a PBS or something,if you switch to the SD side do you have the same experience with cutting out, I do know a while ago there were issues with some stations on HD go black screen with sound continuing but was fine on SD, the temp solution was to reboot the stb to restore the picture for that channel, supposedly the problem was with the windows CE software used on the Motorola and Cisco set top boxes and was to be addressed in a future update, whether that update has been sent I do not know.


Yes, that channel is local. When I switch it to the local non HD no outage appears. It only happens on the one HD local channel.

I've rebooted before and the problem still exists.

Anyone have a contact at AT&T u-verse to correct the issue.

I know my local time warner office would be able to resolve the problem.




I would run motoplyr on the black boxes if possible, this will update the boxes and also let you know what the issue is. Are your boxes running in hpna mpde?


reply to pixilation
is it a black or grey box, with pixelation?


Fixed by submitting a private question to AT&T. Thank You