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Warner Robins, GA
reply to Coxcustomer

Re: [GA]WarnerRobins High latency\bad tracerouting to many areas

said by Coxcustomer:

domiguy85 any update yet? Still random drops here. Randomly websites not loading and what not. Well man glad to know at least you will give them a fuss for it. I gave up long ago. I have come to except our fate after years of fighting getting no where.

No joke I have fought every which way I know how. It never ever gets me very far. Too old to fight anymore. I do like the fact that you are. Maybe just maybe some others will see your fight trying to get internet from a service you pay for and maybe others in the area will chip in. Maybe it will attract enough attention to actually force them to do something for a change. I am not holding my breath anymore.

Sometimes I forget I am living in America and think I am really in some third world country then think nope they have better ISP's then us. How crazy sad is that? - My quote of the day circa now by me.

I know how you feel; usually I would do the same, but I've had similar issues happen to me before and I determined I was never going to put up with poor service ever again. I can give a company some slack if they're putting an earnest effort to solving an issue, but they will never hear the end of it if I get an inkling they're doing otherwise. That and I really don't want to use my DSL for gaming/streaming .

Luckily, I have the benefit of an active DSL line I can switch to whenever, but most users don't have that luxury.

If I were you and you already complained to them about the drops or had a tech over with no positive results, I recommend you file a FCC report to make notice of the issue; it's very easy and I've heard it gets results:

»esupport.fcc.gov/ccmsforms/form2 ··· pe=2000B

Unfortunately, I don't know the history of your situation, but can only give advice on it. I'm not at the point where I'll fill one out myself, but each day that this isn't solved is a day closer I do file one myself.