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Warner Robins, GA

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reply to domiguy85

Re: [GA]WarnerRobins High latency\bad tracerouting to many areas

Update #1 for service call at 9:00 p.m 4/18:

Oh god. Apparently the very unqualified tech that came by not only had the audacity to write that my appointment was canceled (THE VERY ONE HE CAME TO YESTERDAY), but he also marked my ticket as "resolved". All this even though I specifically told him that my issue was ongoing, that he wasn't going to find a problem with the signal here, and that it'd needed to be escalated to the maintenance team. Believe me when I say I let the tech supporters know this and I would really question if he should even have his job after this. What a load of crap.

In other words, nothing would have happened if I had not called again. I talked to level 2 and they gave me the same spiel that the issue was on the BACKBONE INTERNET not within Cox's control. It's also interesting to mention that despite all of this, there's been zero mention of any kind of credit to my future bill due in 12 days. I had to bring one up myself.

So basically everyone within this area is receiving suboptimal service and being billed fully because 'it isn't within Cox's control'. Maybe instead of telling me what they can't do, they can tell me what they CAN do.

Update #2:

I'm supposedly getting a call from a Level 2 Supervisor about it because I laid it down pretty hard on one of the poor Level 2 technicians. She said in about 5-10 minutes as of 9:10 p.m. Let's see if she calls.

Update #3:

The supervisor called and gave me the same info, but let me know that ANOTHER technician would have to come by to do what the first technician didn't do correctly in the first place. Yes, another appointment in a day or two to properly escalate this issue to the maintenance team. She told me that I specifically had to request a 'maintenance work order' and to contact the technician's supervisor if I get any indication that he doesn't know how to do his job (not her words, but you understand).

I was being nice, but the first technician honestly seemed oblivious to his surroundings and totally new (was this on purpose?). I was told that he should've also checked inside the home for issues (which he never did).

I'll update once again after this next appointment, hopefully tomorrow ('if they have time'), but likely not until the scheduled Saturday (holy hell).

Update #4

On one last note, I don't think I've ever been that curt and direct to someone over the phone before (and I was still being pretty polite I think). Congrats Cox, you have done what not many have done to me before, and tested my emotions. It's amazing how focused you become when justifiably angered.



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See a patern? It is never there fault. Deny deny deny. If it is not your fault it is the Internets fault the internet broke. I almost think that criminals or criminal lawyers trained there techs. Deny everything let the burden of proof be on the customer.

I wonder if Cox cable is like this all across America? I do not see how something like that would be possible. As if it was no one would ever get an email or play a game ever.

My biggest question is why is the base allowing this? I am almost positive they do not use cox cable i think they have a direct line or something out there. However a lot of people on base live in Warner Robins. You would almost have to think that they would be complaining to the base commander about the horrid conditions. The military I would think would do something about it. Evidently not though.