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voip.ms + DISA + Android dialer

I use voip.ms and have a DISA line setup for calling when I'm out of Wi-Fi and have to rely on cell phone minutes. Problem is that I'd like to find a way to automate the whole process of calling my DISA access number and punching in the password and the number I ultimately want to call, i.e., I'd like it to work in conjunction with my address book. Anyone found a solution to this issue? Thanks.


Calgary, AB
I have this exact setup. I use an Android dialer called "prefixer", it's the best out there as far as I know.



I've installed that program but haven't been able to get it running.

Do you set rule as when number matches " .* " ?

Also, is there a code or symbol you use to force it to actually dial up the DISA before it punches in the password?

I assume use commas for pause, but not sure if that triggers a dial command as well or if you need a different code.



Welland, ON
install CSIPSimple
»play.google.com/store/apps/detai ··· MSwyLDNd

then go into settings / filters / use mobile
then tap on "add filter"
select "rewrite"
Then "all"
then "prefix by"

then type number then ,, then password then ,,
Example: 1234567890,,1234,,
now that will be added to the front of all numbers you dial


reply to hamsammy

Re: voip.ms + DISA/callback + IP SIM dialer

Better... if you're using a SIM card device:

interweb search: IP SIM dialer

A film circuit is inserted between the SIM and socket adding the seamless functionality of disa/callback dialing.

No phonebook masochism required! _This_ functionality is completely legal. There are shady uses for such tech.