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Re: [GA]WarnerRobins High latency\bad tracerouting to many areas

See a patern? It is never there fault. Deny deny deny. If it is not your fault it is the Internets fault the internet broke. I almost think that criminals or criminal lawyers trained there techs. Deny everything let the burden of proof be on the customer.

I wonder if Cox cable is like this all across America? I do not see how something like that would be possible. As if it was no one would ever get an email or play a game ever.

My biggest question is why is the base allowing this? I am almost positive they do not use cox cable i think they have a direct line or something out there. However a lot of people on base live in Warner Robins. You would almost have to think that they would be complaining to the base commander about the horrid conditions. The military I would think would do something about it. Evidently not though.