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Burnt Out Cynic

IE runtime, and plugins bypass

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On a Win 8 machine obviously with IE 10, and the special version of flash a 3rd party program was displaying annoying flash ads with sound in it's own window after I had removed the * from the options so it wouldn't automatically play for all sites. So I had to actually disable the built-in flash to stop this since it was using the IE runtime.

I decided to do a test, lets call it a "How !@#$%^& stupid is Microsoft?" test.

On an IE page which invokes flash it will prompt users to allow it even after it's been disabled, the allow list is separate from the enable/disable, and here it's completely ignoring the disabled setting which was set before the browser was opened. If you disable flash in other browsers it's disabled, apparently Microsoft didn't get that memo, or their programmers were collectively too stupid to make a simple disable work for the flash they can't uninstall.

The owner won't be effected, their preferred browser is not IE.
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