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Binghamton, NY
reply to hey hey hey

Re: They aren't

said by hey hey hey :

So it's safe to say over half the phones in the hands of Verizon customers can only use 2G and 3G but Verizon is just supposed to cut them off?

AT&T has done exactly this... moved existing 850mhz services to 1900mhz without telling anybody. You go to bed with perfect signal and wake up the next morning with next to nothing.

Verizon has always handled this sort of thing in a manner that does not adversely impact existing customers. AT&T? Not so much...


it moved 3G services in some locations from 850 to 1900 Mhz, mostly in more urban areas, but it did not cut off 3G services. It has shut down some of it's 2G capacity, but that's it.


North Las Vegas, NV
reply to Crookshanks
As advanced services mature, users will have to upgrade as the cell providers migrate the spectrum to LTE. This is the same as the move from analog to digital services. You will always have a portion of the users that will refuse to upgrade until the service is eliminated.

What the cell providers need to do is work with the FCC to announce a cutoff date that 2G and 3G services will no longer be available, then users will know that they will need to upgrade their equipment to use LTE. Better yet is that the FCC require the same service between all providers (the same version of LTE - No more CDMA or GSM).