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Angleton, TX

U-verse Maximum Speed for my address?

I received an email from AT&T saying my address is elegible for up to 18 mbps Uverse internet, but when I clicked on the link to sign up, it stated that 3 mbps was the maximum. I currently have AT&T dsl pro which is 3 mbps, and has been the maximum I could get due to distance from co. How can I find out if in fact faster service is available?


Fort Worth, TX
Marketing. Technically, 3Mbps is "up to" 18Mbps
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Angleton, TX
So no reason to change to U-verse?

Try calling up. Sometimes the site isn't correct.


Angleton, TX
Just called. 3 mbps is all that's offered. Very little difference in price, with U-verse regular price higher than I'm paying now. If only we had good cable company here, I would go cable for internet. Guess I'm stuck with reliable dsl, but at snail's pace.

Jon J

Nashville, TN
reply to frogg
I too have 3 Mbps DSL and would like something faster. A DSL tech who was helping me with a problem yesterday did a check and said my address should be able to get at least 6Mbps with U-Verse. Called U-Verse today and was told 3Mbps is all they could offer. So, no gain from a change. Wonder what Comcast could offer.

You will be forced to U-Verse at some point anyway but if it's much cheaper to stay on what you are stay on it.

If price is the same or very very similar I say do the U-Verse, once you get it even if they claim 3Mbps you can see the line stats and know for sure. They told me I couldn't get 24/3 back when I signed up and 12/1 was all I could have.. Guess what I could. I ordered the slower one after it was installed, checked max sync rates, had level 2 change profile and upgraded my plan online... That's two levels above what I was told. I was at 1800 feet getting 48Mbps sync...

FWIW I switch to cable though for faster speeds. For same price I now get 50/10 lol but u-verse was rock solid for me once I forced them to remove bridge taps 10 feet down they had to dig up a yard hah. clean line 25+ year old house I have lived in as original owner.