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Blainville, QC

[Internet] Bypass the router part of a Bell Fibe Sagecom 2864

This was my setup until this morning.
[Bell Fibe Box] - > [Sagecom 6864] -> [Linksys E3200 Router] -> [Network Switch]

To use all the complex mix of port/range forward of my E3200 I have read on forum to let the Sagecom by default and then setup the credential of PPPoE directly in my router. It was working perfectly except one time every few 1-2 months I needed to restart everything cause no more able to get internet...

This night same thing append, done the complete restart but this time can't get the fu)(#$( thing to work...

After the day trying so much stuff I found something on the web that working but I wanted to have advise of pros to be sure that I'm not creating a security hole in my setup.

On my router I configured the internet connection as static IP and took a IP in the same scope of the Sagecom (that need to be different then the router scope) Also pointing the Gateway to the Sagecom IP.

I configured the Sagecom as normal with the PPPoE credential, disabled the wireless, disable the DHCP server and configured the DMZ to point on the internet static IP of the router.

Making test and found that everything was going smoothly and fast.
Everything run well but my concern is with this setup does I now have a Sagecom that only do the PPPoE connection AND my router do all the job of firewalling like needed and all other stuff like QoS or I now have a real huge security hole???

Need advice from the pros...




Re: [Internet] Bypass the router part of a Bell Fibe Sagecom 286

You should consider setting the Sagemcom in bridge mode. Head over to the Teksavvy forum, forum member t3st3r wrote a nice and simple how-to guide.

»[DSL] Sagemcom F@ST 2864 bridge mode guide