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Brooklyn, NY

HD Audio streaming for remote sound studio? Need advice.

Hi everyone. Need some advice from gurus here.

Im a musician working on an album (free experimental project). The band Im mixing is overseas. I want to be able to stream the HD audio to the composer over the internet so that I could receive feedback from him in real time and make corrections. He would give me voice comments. My voice can be streamed along with the HD stream. His voice can be streamed at low quality, of course. But the audio needs to be of a similar quality to 128 kbps MP3, stereo. Minimal delay is preferable, but up to 1 sec should do it. Im in Win XP, the PC is pretty old... P4 3.2 Ghz.

Skype won't do it as it forces slowest bitrate. Are there any HD audio streaming programs? All Ive heard were of slow bitrates. Im considering an internet radio streaming in MP3 but not sure how to set it up. In this case it better be password protected so that only that person could connect. If this is the only way then could anyone guide with the setup? Any tutorials? Will my P4 handle MP3 encoding while its about 60% busy with sound recording software playing back?

Please, advice!

Watch Those Blinking Lights
Hamilton, ON
If you want something reliable, dedicated hardware is the way to go:

Streaming with a PC suffers in quality and latency.


Brooklyn, NY

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Sorry, but absolutely no money for any hardware. I must go with a software setup. But thanks for links. Trying to figure out how to setup an Icecast server.... Didn't find any other solutions so far. If anyone can suggest something I'd appreciate that.



Brooklyn, NY
Got it running by setting up an Icecast server and streaming 128 kbps MP3. Delay seems around 1-2 sec which is acceptable. And Skype for live communication. Now my friends musicians can hear me mixing the album live and giving suggestions on the sound. Nice!