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Florissant, MO

We keep losing all services, TV, Home phone and Internet

I talked my husband into switching from our long-term, very satisfied cable, land-line and functional-DSL relationship because I bought into U-verse's wireless system (for my husband to use in the garage). The service has been abysmal. We have frequent television freezes and lost signals, along with dead phone service and lost internet connection. We have had techs out three times. Each one of them has given us their phone numbers and said to call if we still have problems. We call, but don't get a response. So we go back to the sometimes language challenged, follow the script, foreign based call center CSRs. We endure the same questions time after time in order to schedule an appointment with Tech Service. When we lose the signal, the screen says to go to If we had internet service, we would. The same goes for the phone. We haven't had a reliable home telephone call since we switched. Can someone please help us. This is our last ditch effort to resolve the issues before cancelling the services completely. When U-verse works, we love it and would really like to keep it. But we are getting tired of paying for premium service and receiving substandard service in return.


Go ahead & cancel, you're probably too far from the VRAD - the techs probably won't tell you this.

I've known people who were at the edge of what a VRAD will serve & after twenty techs, they still couldn't get it to work. `

Louisville, KY
reply to dibob
You probably want to post your problem over the AT&T Direct forum (be sure to check the universe box on the top of the posting thread). So one of the Level II techs can take a look. They are normally very good to work with and helpful. Don't give up, the service is very good, once the installation problems get straightened out.


Florissant, MO
Thank you, I will do that.


Yorba Linda, CA
reply to dibob
We just got Uverse a couple of weeks ago and totally lost everything a week later. I called the tech number and just kept hitting zero on my cell phone (no land line, or VOIP as the case now is) until I got to a customer service rep. I insisted on talking to their manager and got action. They sent out a tech, who found that we were connected to a bad switch on the VRAD, gave us a new modem, and gave us the Belkin battery backup which he said that we should have had from day 1. I guess the installer who said he was the greatest didn't know about the power conditioning battery backup which is supposedly needed by my readings on here.

Just keep hitting zero when you call, and especially if you get a non-English speaking rep, insist on a manager. Get nasty if you have to. My wife was lied to about the first scheduled guy supposedly calling her and not getting an answer so he cancelled the call. We have no idea what number he called, but there were NO missed calls on my or my wife's cell phones, nor on the house phone which could receive calls but not make any nor carry a conversation. They sent out another guy on an emergency basis and he was GOOD, in fact, he was great .. he fixed our lost service completely.
Neil in sunny southern California
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