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reply to dslx_nick

Re: DSLX connection unstable?

said by dslx_nick:

You had tried uninstalling the SP1 & updates, if I'm reading you right - uninstalling an update isn't *exactly* like never having installed the update in the first place, but should be functionally 'close enough' for our purposes.

I didn't uninstall all updates and SP1. I installed it with an integrated SP1. I only uninstalled the five security updates that I did in April. The previous updates were done in Feb. I left all of those installed, since I wasn't having the issue then.

Desktop dies on FIOS connection. So we can rule out it being something DSLX vs. FIOS -specific.

I'm afraid so.

The one time IE8 died, it died for both computers, in a way different than it usually dies - I'm suspecting maybe the modem just lost sync there, which would disconnect everything anyways. So I'd try testing a bit longer with IE8 on both systems, see if it dies on either/both/neither. If it's holding steady with IE8 but Waterfox is failing on one system, that would suggest a problem with Waterfox and/or its plugins. You mentioned you were going to try reinstalling, so let me know how that test goes.

I had both IE8 and Waterfox 18.01 on the desktop both playing the internet radio (muted so it didn't sound weird). I stopped that test to shut down Waterfox, and install the prior Flash Player plugin version. Maybe I should try that again, and see if they both stop, or just Waterfox.

Edit: I had both IE8 and Waterfox 18.01 (latest Waterfox, lags behind official Firefox versions by a bit) playing the internet radio. Waterfox stopped, IE8 is still going. Going to see if it dies. (Edit: This is with the desktop G630 PC plugged directly into a LAN port on the Tomato 5Ghz bridge router.)

Edit: After Waterfox stopped, I exited Waterfox, and re-installed, flashplayer11_5r502_135_win, which matches most closely with the ActiveX (IE8) control already installed on this box. Which was most likely the version on here originally, when I first installed it. I then restarted Waterfox, and then the internet radio.

Well, as I was posting to this thread, and the clock turned exactly 6pm on my desktop, it cut out again. But only the Waterfox one, not the IE8 one.

Ok, again at exactly 6:30pm, the Waterfox cut out again. IE8 is still going for the last few hours.

Trying to figure this one out. Is it time-related? Duplicate IP address killing script on the server? If so, why isn't the IE8 affected?

Edit: I tried killing all of my cookies, in case my unique-id is blacklisted. Interestingly, going straight to the player page, doesn't try to set a cookie.

Edit: Waterfox 18.01 didn't stop at 7pm sharp. Weird.
Edit: Just moments after posting this, it cut out at 7:06pm. On Waterfox, not IE8.

Edit: I just went into the add-ons screen in Waterfox, and it is showing the Shockwave Flash plugin twice, once with the newest version, and one with the one I just installed. Sigh. Guess I should disable the newest one. (There's no "uninstall" on that page, simply, "disable".)

Two plugins in Waterfox 18.01 on the desktop PC:
Shockwave Flash 11.5.502.135 (ENABLED)
Shockwave Flash 11.7.700.169 (disabled)

So far, so good. I left it running for several hours, and it hasn't died (neither IE8, which has been running all morning and night, or Waterfox, which has been playing from ~7:30pm until now, which is ~10:30pm). (On FIOS connection.)

Edit: Decided to connect my LAN to the Westell 327W again. So far so good, but the guys called me on Skype, and while on Skype, my DSL modem has spontaneously rebooted twice so far.

I looked at the power adaptor, 12V, 1A, center positive. I have a supply of Netgear power adaptors with identical specs, so I swapped one in. Testing it more now.

Edit: It didn't reboot any more with Skype, that was a good sign.

Going to start the internet radio in Waterfox 18.01, on the G630 desktop PC, and leave it overnight.

Edit: Got up this morning, and it was still playing. (Desktop, connected to DSLX.) I hope that this has solved the problem (downgrading Flash Player).

Edit: Took a nap for a few hours, and it was still playing. Yay!

I think that this might be fixed now.

reply to VirtualLarry

Seems fixed to me. Both installing an older version of Flash Player, and swapping the power supply for my DSL modem. Connection is now stable.

My apologies for assuming that the problem was somehow with DSLX. It just seemed strange that it seemed to happen when I swapped my FIOS for DSLX, but I guess I must have rebooted my machines, and let Flash Player update around the same time.

Chatsworth, CA

No problem; it's a perfectly logical thing to suspect, given the coincidence. Just glad it's all sorted out and working now