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Los Angeles, CA

[Modem] Replacement ADSL Modem Referrals/Reviews

I live in Los Angeles California. I have ATT DSL (Elite) which give about 5 meg d/l speed. Yesterday, I bought a wifi adapter for my Panasonic TV (2011 model year). Now the TV has wifi, I tried Netflix but the signal gets "lost" and Netflix fails (my modem is "b/g", not "n" speed). ATT gives me a 2Wire (now Pace) HG2701-B dsl modem. I want another brand altogether. My questions are: why would some dsl modems work with my local ISP and others not? I get some modems are not plug-in replacements and need some configging, but how can I find a better quality modem than those that ATT wants to sell? I want a modem that is sold by multiple retailers preferably. Like Walmart, Frys and Newegg. When only one dealer has a product, it's likely to not be competitively priced. And the 2Wire modems that ATT supplies have proven to fail after "short" periods of time. I currently have my 3rd one running. Lastly does anyone in the same ISP area use a TP-LINK TD-8616 DSL modem? If you do, how is working for you and did it need unusual configging?

i have att dsl also. 6m/512. i replaced their modem with an actiontec dsl gateway. this modem is flawless in every way. i went through several netgear modems before i figured out thier wifi is very weak and their overall quality is not good. this actiontec is rock solid and wifi strength blows netgear away. i have full bars all over my home. negear i got 2 at best, at my farthest point.

ive had netgears n300, n600, & n750 gateways as well as att's 2wire, pace, and their 7550 modems and this actiontec kills them all. finally...something that works.

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You want what?
Pawtucket, RI
reply to mark2010
I recently got one of their Pace4111n's and have loved the strong signal.


Houston, TX
reply to mark2010
I work for a different DSL provider but encounter many different modem brands every day. I have to agree about Actiontec. It seems their wireless piece is very robust, strong signal, with top notch speeds.

Those that are provided by my company are very sweet in that the internal & line diagnostics are very extensive & reliable.