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Fox McCloud
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[Embarq] Speed and Latency issues in Ohio?

Anyone else in Ohio having minor and semi-frequent spikes in latency and occasional drops in bandwidth?

My connection is normally 9.88 meg down and 800-830k up.

It's wanting to hang at about 9.55 meg down and 800k up, though sometimes it wants to stay at 6 meg or even 8 meg down.

Latency is typically 40-45 to google normally; it's that way tonight with a few spikes into the 50s and even into the 100s.

Ping to Chicago is normally 20-21ms with 0-1ms Jitter...results were jumping all over the place with 20-50ms with 0-20ms jitter.

While in game my latency would jump from its usually 85 clear up to 200+, then oddly subside.

Sileny Jizda

Millersburg, OH
We have the same problem but worse. During the 'busy' times of the day and night we get speeds so slow it borders dial-up it seems. The only thing they will tell you though is to do the turn off, turn on, replace this, replace that, you have a bad modem, call us to send you a tech in a few days dance. Nothing will change a bloody thing until they figure out the problem is in fact on their end and they actually fix it. Or stop over-selling areas. My wife has had it to the point she is ready to drop these guys and get cable instead but I'm reading it might not be much better.

Sileny Jizda

Millersburg, OH
Somewhere in Holmes County my download speed was just passed by an Amish Buggy...

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San Jose, CA
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reply to Sileny Jizda
said by Sileny Jizda:

Somewhere in Holmes County my download speed was just passed by an Amish Buggy...


Not that upload speed. That thing is a blazing!!!