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U-Verse/Comcast co-existence question

I'm moving to a new house soon and it is too far away from the U-Verse box to receive the speed I'm used to. I'm planning to drop internet from my triple play package and go with Comcast for just the internet while maintaining U-Verse phone and TV. The house I'm moving to has COAX and phone lines going to each room and my question is the following:

Assuming that only one room needs hardwired internet (the rest would be wifi), what is the best way to go about doing this? Is there anything I need to check before I have the installers come out? Am I right in thinking that Comcast's signal can go through just one coax cable to a modem located in another room while U-Verse's signal propagates through the rest of the house (via splitters or something?) Should I cancel U-Verse internet before migrating, or wait until after Comcast's installer has shown up? Is there anything I need to tell the U-Verse installer to keep him from messing up the internal wiring and making the Comcast installers job more difficult? Should I have Comcast come out first instead?

Sorry for all the questions. Thank you in advance.

You are correct in that cable feed to house on a coax coupler to room where modem would be located. Uverse modem location in a different room (maybe where DVD located on cat) using coax as back feed to coax splitter to feed other other hardwired boxes or look into using up to two wireless STBs (no mention of total TVs being used if three or less use DVD cat5 off modem and two wireless would not even need to touch coax)
If desire is to have both modems in same room then may need second coax to that room.
I would not make any changes to your uverse service till after move, error to side of caution (order messed up trying to do much at once) plus gives you a chance to check speed before install cable, assuming you currently have 24 and would only be allowed 18 due to distance issue as pro, elite or Max should be no problem keeping those speeds with the move.


Saint Louis, MO
reply to ChiefsFan
If you are too far out to get a good data package you are unlikely to get useable TV service.

Ask your soon to be neighbors if they have Uverse and how well it works for them.

If they can’t get TV go all Comcast.



reply to my thoughts
Thank you for the responses (sorry for taking so long to respond). That sounds exactly like what I'm trying to accomplish my thoughts, so hopefully there won't be a problem doing it.

They've told me I'm stuck with the 18mbps speed, which isn't really acceptable when I can get 50 or 100mbps from Comcast (work pays so the price isn't a concern). 24 was just on this side of acceptable. Hopefully the TV service won't suffer from the greater VRAD distance (the house I'm in now is practically on top of the thing).

I'll let the U-verse installer know that the coax to the room I'll want the comcast modem in is off limits. Thanks guys.